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Students Speaking Out was created with the goal of helping parents and educators spend more time preparing young people for leadership in the future. The program was designed to create opportunities for parents, educators, and students to have a dialogue about the choices they and their peers make. While no one wants dangerous activities or crime to be a topic in schools, unfortunately it is an issue that must be dealt with in our schools today.

Students Speaking Out is a proactive approach to creating a safer school environment. Students Speaking Out can be utilized within the curriculum to teach character development. The program promotes school spirit, pride, and a positive campus image to students.

A safe way students can safely report crimes anonymously without fear of retaliation, this program encourages the development of responsibility.

Students can participate in leadership roles while benefiting from a reduction in negative incidents on campus and enjoy an increased sense of security. Student Speaking Out is a program of San Diego County Crime Stoppers. We welcome your feedback on these program.

If you want ideas on how to implement Students Speaking Out at your school, speak with your school resource officer or Crime Stoppers. We can be reached at (619) 275-8240.

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Students Speaking Out is supported by generous individuals and companies.

James Silberrad Brown Foundation
Kinship Fund
Inter-Con Security
Anthony Ray
Bob and Belle Nunley
United Way

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San Diego Sheriff's Department
San Diegans Against Crime
Escondido Police
San Diego Deputy DA Association
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